Chapter 01

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Chapter 01: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1
Cloud, a mercenary, is hired by a group named Avalanche to help them blow up Mako Reactor 1. Their goal is to stop the Shinra Electric Power Company from destroying the planet.
Icon Exclamation.png Enter the Reactor Grounds
Icon Checkmark.png Follow Barret and the others.
Icon Checkmark.png Talk to Barret.
Icon Checkmark.png Help Barret fight off attacks and enter the reactor.
Icon Checkmark.png With the gate unlocked, it is time to head for Mako Reactor 1 itself.
MainScenario Ch1 EntertheReactorGrounds.jpg
Icon Exclamation.png Infiltrate the Reactor
Icon Checkmark.png Help Barret's Group fight off attacks and enter the reactor.
Icon Checkmark.png With Cloud's help, the group avoids the security and successfully infiltrates the reactor.
MainScenario Ch1 InfiltrateTheReactor.jpg
Icon Exclamation.png Follow Barret
Icon Checkmark.png Catch up with the others.
Icon Checkmark.png With Cloud behind them, the members of Avalanche pass through the wire fence and push deeper into the facility.
MainScenario Ch1 FollowBarret.jpg
Icon Exclamation.png Breach Security
Icon Checkmark.png Open the locked door and reach the location where the bomb will be planted.
Icon Checkmark.png With the passcode acquired earlier, the group opens the door and proceeds further into the facility.
MainScenario Ch1 BreachSecurity.jpg
Icon Exclamation.png Reach Mako Storage
Icon Checkmark.png Fighting through the security net, the group reaches the heart of the facility.
MainScenario Ch1 ReachMakoStorage.jpg
Icon Exclamation.png Follow Jessie
Icon Checkmark.png The group follows Jessie through the security systems. They continue to press on.
MainScenario Ch1 FollowJessie.jpg
Icon Exclamation.png Set the Charge
Icon Checkmark.png Set the bomb on the reactor core.
MainScenario Ch1 SetTheCharge.jpg
Icon Exclamation.png Escape the Reactor
Icon Checkmark.png Rendezvous with Barret
Icon Exclamation.png Sprint to Safety