Chapter 03

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Chapter 03: Home Sweet Slum
Their mission concluded, Cloud and the others disembark at the Sector 7 slums. Situated below the plate, no natural sunlight reaches the town, but despite its bleak appearance, this is where the members of Avalanche call home.
Icon Exclamation.png Return to Base
Tifa, a childhood friend of Cloud, uses her connections to get him an apartment. After promising to help her with collections tomorrow, Cloud hits the sack.
Icon Exclamation.png Noisy Neighbours
Awoken in the middle of the night, Cloud goes to room 203, where he again has a vision of Sephiroth. He eventually returned to his room, still reeling from the hallucinations as he awaits the dawn.
Icon Exclamation.png Life in the Slums
Cloud has been contracted by Biggs to exterminate some monsters, so he goes with Tifa to Scrap Boulevard.
Icon Exclamation.png A Job for the Neighborhood Watch
Cloud has cleared the monsters from Scrap Boulevard and is starting to make a name for himself in the slums.
Icon Exclamation.png Problem Solving
Thanks in part to Tifa, the local population is starting to recognize Cloud's name.
Icon Checkmark.png A Job Well Done
Johnny is arrested on suspicion of stealing blasting powder. Tifa worries that his loose lips will lead security forces to Avalanche, and decides to rescue him. Cloud accompanies her in the Endeavor.
Icon Exclamation.png Shinra Reacts
Having rescue Johnny, Cloud and Tifa head back to Seventh Heaven. Before Cloud can collect his payment, Barrett holds an impromptu strategy meeting with the other Avalanche members. Left all by himself Cloud kills time at the bar.
Icon Exclamation.png Talking Strategy
Avalanche decides that their next mission will not include Cloud. After collecting his pay, Cloud leaves the bar, only to spot suspicious men stationed in front of it.
Icon Exclamation.png Ominous Shadows
cloud has chased off the man who were looking for information about Barrett. When Cloud returns to Stargazer Heights, he finds Jesse waiting for him with a new job request.
Icon Exclamation.png The Jessie Job
it is not clear exactly what Jesse wants, but the pay is good, so Cloud decides to accept the job and head for the sector 7 plate.