Chapter 07

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Chapter 07: A Trap Is Sprung
Icon Exclamation.png Reach Mako Storage
Security is light as the group reaches mako storage. They plant the remote-controlled bomb on the reactor core and head for the exit.
Icon Checkmark.png Down the Pipe
The team slides down the pipe and finds themselves inside the armory.
Icon Exclamation.png Escape from the Reactor
Heidegger has sprung his trap, and the team's escape route has been cut off. Now they need to find a way to avoid being publicly executed.
Icon Exclamation.png Sentenced to Death
Despite Cloud and the others' best efforts to stop it, the still-incomplete airbuster is deployed. The three decide to face their problem head-on, and make for the front gate.
Icon Checkmark.png Monitor Data
It looks like the airbuster parts are still in transit. Divert the various components and weaken the machine.
Icon Checkmark.png Status of the Airbuster
The party checks on the airbuster's status and works out a plan for the coming battle.
Icon Exclamation.png Storm the Gates
Cloud is separated from the other two during the airbuster fight. Caught up in the reactor's collapse, Cloud falls to the undercity.
Icon Checkmark.png Disable the Security Lock
The lock is disabled and the door leading to the front gate is open.
Icon Exclamation.png Discovery: Waste Recovery
They disable delta-level security and recover the diverted items.