Name Description
ATB Ward Summons small area, replenishes some ATB for allies stood inside.
Arcane Ward Conjure a ward. Attack spells cast within the ward will automatically be cast twice.
Assess Reveal strengths and weaknesses.
Blade Burst Non-elemental ranged attack.
Braver Jump into the air and strike your foe with a powerful attack.
Chakra Restore your own HP relative to damage taken. More effective when HP is low. Also cures poison.
Charging Uppercut Increases charge, rushes forward with huge blow.
Counterstance Prepares a counter for strong damage.
Disorder Deliver a devastating attack and switch modes in one fluid motion.
Divekick Leap into the air and unleash a powerful kick.
Fleeting Familiar Summon a fairy that attacks your enemies periodically as well as after you use abilities and spells.
Focused Shot Consume all ATB charges to unleash a concentrated burst of energy. Significantly increases stagger.
Focused Strike Evade, then unleash a charging attack. Moderately increases stagger.
Focused Thrust Lunge toward an enemy with a piercing strike that hits multiple times. Significantly increases stagger.
Infinity's End Wind up and unleash an overhead strike. Increased damage on stagger.
Lifesaver Take damage intended for other party members.
Lustrous Shield Conjure a magical shield that keeps enemies at bay and stops projectiles.
Maximum Fury Unleashes all ATB in a flurry of bullets.
Overpower Use in conjunction with basic attacks to more effectively pressure enemies.
Point Blank Consumes all ATB to deliver close-range attack and send enemies flying.
Pray Restores a small amount of HP to all party members.
Ray of Judgment Fires energy burst that hits multiple times. Raises Stagger bonus.
Smackdown Sends nearby enemies flying.
Sorcerous Storm Deal magic damage to nearby enemies.
Starshower Rapid combination of attacks, increases strength of next attack.
Steal Steal items from enemies.
Steelskin Temporarily reduce damage taken and how easily you are interrupted.
Triple Slash Slash three enemies in quick succession, dealing more damage with each blow.
True Strike Powerful attack. Huge bonuses to stagger damage.
Unbridled Strength Strengthen basic attacks and unique abilities.