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Category:Artificial Life Enemies

Number Name Description Weaknesses Drops
018 Monodrive
Artificial Life - Flying
Bionic sentries created by Shinra's R&D Division. They are equipped with artificial intelligence and are used to guard mako reactors.
Tactical data not available.

Drops: Potion
Rare Drops: Ether
Stolen: Ether

019 Mark II Monodrive
Artificial Life - Flying
Modified version of the monodrive. Not only did these creations survive the Mako Reactor 5 explosion, the mako spill caused them to grow in both size and strength.
They are resistant to physical attacks until pelted by magic.

Drops: Hi-Potion
Rare Drops: Turbo Ether
Stolen: Turbo Ether

033 Zenene
Artificial Life - Grounded
A species created by Shinra's R&D Division via the synthesis of parts from other life-forms. Physically powerful and extremely intelligent, they refuse to obey human commands, and thus are kept in quarantine.
Tactical data not available.

Drops: Ether
Rare Drops: Hazardous Material
Stolen: Remedy

035 Brain Pod
Artificial Life - Grounded
A species created by Shinra's R&D Division by installing a copy of the human brain into a tank. Its primary method of attack is to expel the waste matter that builds up in that tank.
Tactical data not available.

Drops: Hazardous Material
Rare Drops: Antidote
Stolen: Antidote

036 Swordipede
Artificial Life - Flying
A bionic species created by Shinra's R&D Division. These specimens are difficult to control, as their behavior regulation mechanisms have not yet been perfected. They circle in the sky searching for quarry, then swoop down to attack.
Tactical data not available.

Drops: Force Bracelet

069 Varghidpolis
Artificial Life - Grounded
Monster originally created by Shinra's R&D Division, but are now feral after some escaped the lab and bred in the wild.
Tactical data not available.

Drops: Phoenix Down
Rare Drops: Sedative
Stolen: Sedative

070 Trypopolis
Artificial Life - Grounded
A subspecies of the varghidpolis that was created in experiments that violated every precept of bioethics. They can multiply by simple fission.
If their attacks are interrupted while they are dancing, they clone themselves. Defeat the clone first to deal with the original effectively.

070A Proto Trypopolis
Artificial Life - Grounded
An offshoot life-form that separated from a trypopolis.
Tactical data not available.

071 Byobapolis
Artificial Life - Flying
A bionically modified subspecies of varghidpolis capable of flying thanks too levistones implanted in its body. This breed is now feral after some specimens escaped the lab and bread in the wild.
Wind attacks rapidly fill its stagger gauge.
Ice Wind

Drops: Phoenix Down
Rare Drops: Adrenaline
Stolen: Adrenaline

072 Hellhound
Artificial Life - Grounded
A species that is the product of a particularly deranged series of experiments. These two-headed creatures have limbs and tails that ignite when provoked. Savage and ravenous, they leave nothing behind after catching their preyーnot even bones.
Extinguish either flame to weaken their attacks. Ice attacks will extinguish their red flame, while healing spells and items will extinguish their purple flame.

087 Specimen H0512
Artificial Life - Grounded
A monster created by Shinra's R&D Division. Highly adaptable, it evolves involves during battle, where it exhibits extraordinary offensive and restorative capabilities.
Tactical data not available.

Drops: Talisman

Stolen: Timeworn Talisman

088 H0512-OPT
Artificial Life - Grounded
Organisms extruded by the artificial life-form specimen H0512. Capable of autonomous movement, they swarm around their parent to protect it from threats.
Tactical data not available.

090 Hell House
Artificial Life - Grounded
Don Corneo's secret weapon, a monster in the form of a house. No one knows how it was built.
When it shifts barriers, hit it with the opposing element, such as ice to fire or lightning to wind, to rapidly fill it's stagger gauge. when God House Mode is active, attacks will be less effective at filling the gauge, but for short time after this mode ends, it will be much easier to stagger.

Drops: Fuzzy Wuzzy
Rare Drops: Mr. Cuddlesworth
Stolen: Mr. Cuddlesworth

096 Failed Experiment
Artificial Life - Grounded
An experimental specimen kept in the Shinra underground research facility. It was human once, but cellular transplants from various large creatures have turned it into a terrifying creature. It leads a group of failed test subjects.
Ice spells rapidly filled its stagger gauge, while melee attacks have only a slight effect on it, and long-range and other element attacks have no effect.

Drops: Mythril Claws

Stolen: Poison Materia

097 Unknown Entity
Artificial Life - Grounded
Experimental specimens kept in Shinra's underground research facility. They were human once, but cellular transplants designed to enhance their strength have turned them into monsters.
Ice attacks rapidly fill their staggered age. They rarely get interrupted unless attacked from behind.

098 Type-0 Behemoth
Artificial Life - Grounded
Variant form of the behemoth. They are bred and raised as Shinra lab specimens and other monsters quake in fear at the sound of their roar.
Cripple and knock down its upper or lower body. While one is knocked down, do the same to the other to stagger the beast. It will counter if attacked with spells while its horns are intact.

Drops: Behemoth Horn

Stolen: Enchanted Ring

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