Accessories provides various supplemental bonuses to Cloud and his team. Accessories can be used by any character.
Name Type Stats
Bulletproof Vest.png Bulletproof Vest
Accessory A vest favored by many a Shinra trooper.

Ff7r vitality icon.png +5%
Champion Belt.png Champion Belt
Accessory A belt made for the reigning workout champion.

Ff7r strength icon.png +5%
HP +10%
Circlet.png Circlet

HP +10%
Ff7r magic icon.png +5%
Clarity Pendant.png Clarity Pendant

Completely fills the ATB gauge after using Refocus.
Crescent Moon Charm.png Crescent Moon Charm
Accessory A charm imbued with the fervent desire to be by one's side for eternity.

Reduces damage taken when equipped by non-active characters.
Earrings.png Earrings
Accessory Earrings filled with a fragment of materia.

Ff7r magic icon.png +5%
40px Enchanted Ring
Accessory A magic ring that ensnares the heart and mind of any who look upon it.

Extends the duration of beneficial status effects applied by wearer.
Enfeeblement Ring.png Enfeeblement Ring

Enter battle with the toad status effect.
Fury Ring.png Fury Ring

Enter battle with the berserk status effect.
Gotterdammerung.png Gotterdammerung
Accessory A necklace that radiates a light powerful enough to forge destiny anew.

Enter battle with a full limit break gauge. Limit break gauge gradually fills during battle.
Headband.png Headband
Accessory A cloth that keeps fatigue away when tied firmly around the head.

Become immune to Sleep.
Healing Carcanet.png Healing Carcanet

Increases the effectiveness of healing items, spells and abilities.
Moogle's Amulet.png Moogle's Amulet

Increases the probability enemies will drop items when defeated in battle.
Mythical Amulet.png Mythical Amulet

Strengthens summons called forth in battle.
Otherworldly Crystal.png Otherworldly Crystal
Accessory A mysterious translucent orb that contains crystallized amber.

Reduces the duration of detrimental status effects.
Platinum Earrings.png Platinum Earrings
Accessory Extravagant earrings embedded with materia fragments.

Ff7r magic icon.png +10%
Power Wristguards.png Power Wristguards
Accessory Wristguards capable of drawing out power latent in the latent wearer's body.

Ff7r strength icon.png +5%
Materia Materia-slot.png
Protective Boots.png Protective Boots
Accessory Boots developed for soldiers fighting in rugged terrain.

Become immune to Slow & Stop.
Revival Earrings.png Revival Earrings
Accessory Earrings capable imbued with a spirit capable of restoring one's fading consciousness.

Enter battle with the Auto-Life status effect, breaks upon use.
Salvation Badge.png Salvation Badge

Increases the effectiveness of healing spells cast on you when HP is 25% or lower.
Spectral Cogwheel.png Spectral Cogwheel
Accessory A mystical cog capable of converting ethereal energy into power.

Consuming MP fills the limit gauge.
Star Pendant.png Star Pendant
Accessory A five-point pendant that soothes the wearer in mysterious ways.

Become immune to Poison.
Supernatural Wristguards.png Supernatural Wristguards
Accessory Wristbands that push the wearer's muscles to their absolute limits.

Ff7r strength icon.png +10%
Survival Vest.png Survival Vest
Accessory An industrial-grade bulletproof vest issued to only the most elite of Shinra forces.

Ff7r vitality icon.png +10%
Talisman.png Talisman
Accessory A golden amulet engraved with an ancient script. Increases one's powers of concentration.

Ff7r spirit icon.png +5%
Timeworn Talisman.png Timeworn Talisman
Accessory A talisman said to have once been in daily use among the Ancients.

Ff7r spirit icon.png +10%
Transference Module.png Transference Module

Consuming ATB charges fill the limit gauge.
Whistlewind Scarf.png Whistlewind Scarf

Enter battle with a slightly filled ATB gauge.