Chapter 02

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Chapter 02: Fateful Encounters
Avalanche has successfully blown up Mako Reactor 1 and fled into a passageway that leads to Sector 8. Shaken by the devastation wrought by the explosion, the group heads for their base in Sector 7.
Icon Exclamation.png Use the Escape Route
The group has followed the escape route to Sector 8. In order to board their train home discreetly, they must go their separate ways.
Icon Exclamation.png Reach the Sector 8 Station
Just before Cloud reaches the station, the expressway collapses and blocks his path. In the fires of the wreckage, he has a vision of an old memory.
Icon Exclamation.png Follow Him
Cloud's mind is sent into a frenzy after catching up to this figure from the past. After the man disappears and Cloud's head stops aching, he makes for the station once again.
Icon Exclamation.png Taking a Detour
The figure from Cloud's past appears before him and the flower peddler. Before he knows what's happening though, Cloud is spotted by Public Security forces.
Icon Exclamation.png Evade Pursuers
Cloud fights off Shinra reinforcements at the fountain plaza. Now he has to get past the security perimeter around the station and find an escape route.
Icon Exclamation.png Flight through the City
Cloud avoids the station and makes a detour through the residential area. However, Shinra security is posted all throughout Sector 8, making things difficult.
Icon Checkmark.png Climb to the roof.
Fighting off the Shinra pursuit, Cloud flees to the roof of a nearby building.
Icon Exclamation.png Break the Blockade
Cloud is trapped by a succession of Public Security squads. In the nick of time, Cloud boards the last train out of Sector 8.
Icon Exclamation.png Last Train
Civilian passengers are angry about the destruction caused by the reactor explosion. Uncertain and unsure about what they have done, the members of Avalanche ride the last train down to the Sector 7 slums.