Chapter 09

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Chapter 09: The Town That Never Sleeps
Icon Exclamation.png Tour Guide
As they make their way through Sector 6, Aerith guides Cloud toward a shortcut to Sector 7.
Icon Exclamation.png Take the Shortcut
The road isn't all quite there, but the two do their best to find a way..
Icon Checkmark.png Beyond the Ladder
Cloud maneuvers Aerith onto the ledge using the arm. There, she lowers a ladder for him, and they continue their way down the road.
Icon Checkmark.png Working Together
They use another arm and work together to make their way down the road.
Icon Exclamation.png Beyond the Dead End
Cloud and Aerith finally reach the exit of the so-called shortcut. Their time together will soon be over.
Icon Checkmark.png Working Together Again
Cloud maneuvers the pair of arms and forges a path forward. The two find themselves more in sync the more time they spend together.
Icon Exclamation.png Saying Goodbye
Cloud parts with Aerith and is ready to head back to Sector 7 when Tifa rides by in a chocobo carriage. Worried, Aerith urges him to chase after her.
Icon Exclamation.png Chasing Tifa
According to Chocobo Sam, Tifa's headed to an audition at Corneo's mansion. Cloud and Aerith make their way to Wall Market to find her.
Icon Exclamation.png To Corneo’s Mansion
A letter of recommendation from one of three trusted individuals is needed to get into Corneo's mansion. Cloud and Aerith have no choice but to find members of the Trio.
Icon Exclamation.png The Trio
Getting a letter doesn't prove to be easy, but Cloud and Aerith need one if they want to see Tifa again.
Icon Checkmark.png Sam
Sam has already chosen Tifa for the audition. Cloud and Aerith will have to ask another member of the Trio.
Icon Checkmark.png Andrea Rhodea
Andrea doesn't see anyone without an appointment. Cloud and Aerith will have to ask another member of the Trio.
Icon Checkmark.png Madam M
To get her cooperation, Madam M needs to be shown some good faith.
Icon Exclamation.png Madam M’s Desire
Madam M promises to grant Cloud and Aerith a letter if they win the colosseum tournament.
Icon Exclamation.png Underground Colosseum
Cloud and Aerith win the Corneo Cup and are granted a letter from Madam M as promised.
Icon Exclamation.png Parting Ways
As Cloud returns to the parlor to fetch Aerith, he's approached by a panic-stricken Johnny.
Icon Exclamation.png Rescue Tifa
Icon Exclamation.png Aerith’s Plan
Cloud takes part in the Honeybee Inn show and receives a letter from Andrea, as the plan to save Tifa comes together.
Icon Exclamation.png The Audition
Cloud and Aerith gain access to Corneo's mansion and find Tifa. After a thorough audition, Corneo chooses Cloud to be his new bride.
Icon Exclamation.png Showdown with Corneo
Corneo informs them about Shinra's plan to blow up the pillar–an event that would be catastrophic for the residents of the Sector 7 undercity. The three threaten him for details, but he sends them falling through a trapdoor down into the sewers beneath the mansion.
Icon Exclamation.png Discovery: Vagabond Johnny