Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Belly of the Beast
Icon Exclamation.png Infiltration
The team is able to sneak into the Shinra Building on a service truck, but is caught by the security guards stationed in the garage. They're forced to fight their way through.
Icon Exclamation.png Bust Out of the Garage
After dispensing with the security detail and leaving the parking garage behind, the three arrive at the building's empty entrance.
Icon Exclamation.png Shinra Building Intel
They need a keycard to advance through the building. Tifa offers to break into the reception desk by jumping across the light fixtures.
Icon Exclamation.png Acquiring the Keycard
Tifa acquires the keycard. To free Aerith on the 65th floor, they head first to the 59th floor.
Icon Exclamation.png Reach for the Skyview Hall
With the keycard updated, they now have access to the 63rd floor.
Icon Checkmark.png Use the Elevator
They arrive on the 59th floor, where they search for a way up to the 65th floor.
Icon Checkmark.png Use the Emergency Stairwell
They use the elevator to reach the 59th floor.
Icon Exclamation.png Playing the Tourist
After watching an unsettling movie, they're stopped by a mysterious man who claims to be working with the mayor.
Icon Exclamation.png A Helping Hand
The mayor's collaborator has supplied them with another keycard. To find out where Aerith is being held, they head for the 64th floor to spy on the executives' board meeting.
Icon Exclamation.png Reconnaissance
They discover that Professor Hojo is holding Aerith captive. Follow Hojo and free Aerith.
Icon Exclamation.png Operation: Save Aerith
The three reunite with Aerith, but a vision calling from within the facility assails Cloud, who falls unconscious.