Chapter 05

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Chapter 05: Dogged Pursuit
Icon Exclamation.png All Aboard for Sector 4
Some time into the ride, an unscheduled ID scan sweeps the train.
Icon Exclamation.png Separate Ways
The ID scan detects an anomaly and the passenger car they're in is sealed off. The team is forced to change their plan.
Icon Exclamation.png Looking for a Friend
Having reunited after their dramatic leap from the train, the three regroup at a nearby rail map to discuss their next steps.
Icon Exclamation.png Get Your Bearings
Barret decides to switch to plan E. The team will follow the Mako Reactor 5 line through the corkscrew tunnel, guided by the signs another Avalanche cell left.
Icon Exclamation.png Find Stamp
Following the Stamp graffiti, the team arrives at the train yard. They must drive off security and find a way to get past the locked gate.
Icon Checkmark.png The Nose Knows
The team has found Avalanche's graffiti. Now they just have to follow Stamp's nose.
Icon Checkmark.png Check the Route
As there is a hidden passageway leading to the reactor from the train yard, the three set out to look for it.
Icon Checkmark.png Train Yard Security
The security officers guarding the train yard have been defeated, but the gate to the train yard is locked.
Icon Exclamation.png Secret Passageway
The three dispatch the Crab Warden that was apparently station in the train yard. At last, they can take the secret passageway.
Icon Checkmark.png Stairway Detour
The team climbs the stairs next to the train yard and finds another way in. Now they head for the secret passageway in the train yard.
Icon Exclamation.png Slum Wisdom
Avoiding Shinra security, the team leaves the corkscrew tunnel behind. Following the route to Mako Reactor 5, they move into the plate's interior.
Icon Exclamation.png Sudden Attack
Jessie has been injured in the attack by unknown assailants, meaning Barret has no choice but to ask Cloud to participate in the next mission.
Icon Exclamation.png A New Operation
Cloud, Tifa, and Barret all board the train and head for Mako Reactor 5, determined to make this second bombing mission a success.