Chapter 13

Chapter 13: A Broken World
Icon Exclamation.png Through the Rubble
Cloud tells the stricken Barret that Marlene is safe. Revitalized by Aerith's gift of hope, they continue on.\
Icon Exclamation.png Words of Hope
To protect Marlene, Aerith agreed to go with the Shinra agents. At Elmyra's urging, the party decides to wait for her return. In the meantime, they head to the Sector 7 slums to check on their friends.
Icon Exclamation.png Checking on Friends
The group is back at the gate near the Sector 7 slums. Fearful of what they are about to find, they head into the sector via the underground passage.
Icon Checkmark.png Onward to Sector 7
Cloud and the others leave Sector 5 and arrive at the collapsed road. The gate to the Sector 7 slums is up ahead.
Icon Exclamation.png Crawling to the Surface
They crawl through the underground passage and clamber up to the surface in the Sector 7 slums. Beyond the curling black smoke is empty sky, where the plate once was.
Icon Exclamation.png Home is Where the Heart Is
Led by Wedge's cat, who they find amongst the ruins of Seventh Heaven, Cloud and his companions arrive at a strange underground facility. They spot Wedge on the ground and rush toward him, but the facility collapses around them and they fall deeper into the depths.
Icon Exclamation.png In Solitude
Now that Barret has joined up with Tifa, they hurry back to where they last saw Wedge.
Icon Checkmark.png Reunite with Tifa
The bugaboo nest is successfully destroyed. Now Barret must join Tifa in slaying the remaining bugaboo.
Icon Exclamation.png Finding Wedge
The party manages to defeat the mysterious monsters and rescue Wedge from the underground facility. Relieved, they hurry out of there.
Icon Checkmark.png Beyond the Fracture
On the other side of a facility wall, they find traces of human experimentation. However, they're forced out by mysterious spectres lurking in the darkness.
Icon Exclamation.png Return
They manage to save Wedge, but were unable to do anything for Biggs and Jessie. Weighed down by the responsibility and guilt, Barret pushes on through the wreckage and rubble.