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Chapter 14

Chapter 14: In Search of Hope
Icon Exclamation.png Resolve
The group convinces Elmyra to let them go after Aerith, though breaking into the Shinra Building will be no easy task.
Icon Exclamation.png Intel Gathering
The Avalanche team agrees to help Leslie in exchange for information about how to get topside. Still wary of Leslie, the party heads into the sewers.
Icon Exclamation.png Discovery: Johnny’s Stolen Wallet
Icon Exclamation.png Through the Underground Waterway
The team detours around the collapsed rubble and arrives at the trunk line. Corneo's hideout is near.
Icon Exclamation.png The Hideout
In front of the hideout, an Abzu Shoat steals what Leslie says is the key to the door. Cloud, Barret, and Tifa chase after tiny creature.
Icon Exclamation.png Recovering the Key
The party defeats the Abzu shoat and recovers the stolen item, which leads Leslie to tell them about his past and his true intentions. With renewed resolve, the three head back to Corneo's hideout.
Icon Exclamation.png Fateful Decisions
Cloud and the others have defeated Corneo's pet Abzu, but Corneo has slipped away during the commotion.
Icon Exclamation.png For the Reunion
Leslie gives them grappling guns, and they wish each other luck in reuniting with their respective loved ones. Leslie walks off, and the three prepare to climb the wall.
Icon Exclamation.png Over the Wall
Cloud and the others get over the wall and start climbing the Sector 7 plate. The Shinra Building is so far above that they still cannot see it.