Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Day Midgar Stood Still
Icon Exclamation.png A Broken City
People's cries echo throughout the ruined town. Ignoring the citizen's words of caution, they head toward the debris.
Icon Exclamation.png The Climb
Using the grappling gun, the three make their way up. However, the area is crawling with Shinra troopers looking for Avalanche.
Icon Exclamation.png Hiding in Plain Sight
They cut through the patrolling Shinra units and reach a towering building.
Icon Exclamation.png The Path to Greater Heights
The team continue their way up, but the Valkyrie appears and stands in their way.
Icon Checkmark.png The Crumbling Building
Infiltrate the building. Continue along the only path that leads topside.
Icon Exclamation.png Flight of the Valkyrie
They escape the Valkyrie, but not Shinra is alerted to their presence.
Icon Checkmark.png To the Stairs
Cut through the gunfire and escape to the stairs.
Icon Exclamation.png In Hot Pursuit
They manage to escape the troopers and stop to take in the destruction of Sector 7 as the sun sets over the horizon.
Icon Exclamation.png To the Top of the Plate
After defeating the Valkyrie, the party arrives topside. The three steel themselves for infiltrating the Shinra Building and rescuing Aerith.